Invited to apply are all PI eligible Chicago faculty members in PSD and BSD who wish to initiate or significantly enhance cooperative scientific projects with student or faculty colleagues in French research institutions. Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab, who are unaffiliated with PSD and BSD, may also apply for FACCTS funding.

Funding Parameters

The FACCTS program disburses up to $125,000 in support of a variety of initiatives in the physical and biological sciences involving collaborative research undertaken by labs in Chicago and in France. The FACCTS committee will also evaluate proposals from researchers unaffiliated with the Univrsity of Chicago, but based in Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab. The committee will forward their ratings and recommendations to the leadership of the two national laboratories. Funding for successful ANL and Fermilab proposals will be done internally.

Regardless of the funding mechanism, FACCTS awards are intended to support collaborative research teams pursuing new projects, and to help them obtain the preliminary data they need to attract additional funding. There is no stated maximum or minimum request; however, most awards in any given year are likely to be in the range of $5,000 to $20,000.

While these funding levels are relatively modest in comparison to those offered by state and federal agencies, it is worth noting that FACCTS funding is significantly more flexible, as it may be used for almost any purpose allowed by the University. The single exception is that FACCTS funding is not normally intended to support travel expenses incurred by senior Chicago faculty members. However, if such travel is vital to the success of the project, it will be considered.  There are no travel restrictions for students, postdocs or junior faculty traveling from Chicago traveling to France, or for students or researchers at any level from France traveling to Chicago.

Selection Criteria

Excellent, important science is necessary for a successful proposal, but not sufficient. The committee will also consider such other factors as: 1) the necessity of close collaboration between the Chicago lab and the French partner(s) for success of the project; 2) the likelihood of a high reward relative to the amount of funding requested; and 3) the prospects for continued collaboration in the medium and long term, including plans for seeking funding for an ongoing relationship. 


Proposals should be assembled and submitted utilizing the guidelines and forms found on the Submit a Proposal page.

To be considered for funding in 2015, a Notice of Intent is requested by November 26, 2014. Proposals should be submitted electronically as a single attachment (either PDF or MS Word format) to the France Chicago Center at fcc@uchicago.edu. The deadline for proposals is December 1, 2014.


At the end of the funding period, Chicago principle investigators of projects that receive FACCTS funding will be asked to provide a brief report.  This report should: 1) describe in non-technical terms the results acheived, 2) outline how FACCTS funds were used,  3) describe any new directions this collaboration might take in the future, and 4) list any additional outside funding sources that may have been secured to support future research on this project and/or with this French team. 

Chicago PI's receiving two-year awards will be asked to submit a 200-word non-technical summary of progress-to-date (via email to fcc@uchicago.edu) before year 2 funding will be disbursed.

Key Dates

November 26, 2014 -- Deadline for submitting an on-line notification of intent

December 1, 2014 -- Deadline for submitting a proposal

January 31, 2015 -- Decision communicated to all applicants

January 15, 2016 -- Deadline for final report (1-year-projects) or interim report (2-year projects)

Submit a Proposal

Applicants are requested to submit a Notice of Intent by means of the on-line form on or before November 26, 2014. They must subsequently submit an application as a single PDF document on Word File or before December 1, 2014. A complete application includes the following elements:

  1. An application cover page.
  2. A 200 word non-technical summary briefly covering the project.
  3. A two-page project description that includes information sufficient to evaluate the project independent of any other document. The plan should be understandable to the non-specialist and should state: key objectives, why the work is important, any progress to date, and how the proposed work will be done.
  4. A one-page discussion of the potential benefit to the University of Chicago of the proposed collaboration, why the project requires the proposed collaboration, and a statement of how this Franco-Chicago relationship might develop in the medium and long-term if the short-term project is successfully concluded.
  5. A two-page biography for each individual considered key personnel for the proposed project.
  6. A list of current and pending support for each of the key personnel
  7. A detailed budget (direct costs only) and budget justification.

  8. Click here to download an application as a PDF document.
    Click here to download an application as an MS Word document.

Additional Information

Questions and requests for additional information should be directed to Dan Bertsche, Associate Director of the France Chicago Center, at fcc@uchicago.edu or 773-702-3662.